There is a little intenet "friendship" between me and two young people from San Francisco. (By the way, one of the most beautiful cities we've ever been.)
Justin from Austin in Texas and his great love Stephanie from Nice in France. One day, I stumbled through the World Wide Web – searching for some information about hiking the Grand Canyon and camping in national parks. I found Justin’s blog. Crammed with all I was looking for - lots of interesting photos from places I have dreamed to visit. But at least - I have had some questions and wrote an email to Justin. Ever since then, we have been sharing our travel photos with Justin and Stephanie. In 2010/2011 I followed the blog during their one - year- world- journey. (You can believe me when I say that you can find stirring travel stories there!). And now, after an unbelievable long journey our Christmas gift (consisting out of "melt in the mouth cookies") from Stephanie and Justin arrived in Germany. Its journey took four weeks since it was opened by the customs and cleared. Probably they supposed to find hash-cookies ;-). Thank you so much for this yummy surprise Stephanie and Justin!
I really recommend to read the
historic "Melt-in-the-Mouth" Cookie story in Justin’s blog.

(Especially thanks to my nefew's girlfriend Theresa, helping me to bring my text in correct  form of words!)

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